Hardwood Floors And Large Dogs

hardwood floors and dogs

Today Aundra writes: I want hardwood floors desperately but am afraid I will be wasting my money because we have 2 large dogs.  Can hardwood floors and large dogs coexist in the same home? Yes, hardwood floors and large dogs can coexist in your home. You just have to be savvy about what type of … Read more

Kohler Flipside Handheld Shower Head

flipside showerhead

Today Carol writes: Dear Diva I’ve been looking for a shower head that is hand held that looks nice but still functions, any suggestions? I’d suggest you take a look at the Flipside by Kohler.  It is definitely different than any shower head I’ve seen.  It’s a hand-held shower head that is fun and has … Read more

Protect Your Hardwood Floor With A Canvas Floor Cloth

Protecting hardwood flooring

Today Alice writes: I need to protect my hardwood floor in the dining room but I have 3 small children and need something that can hold up to everything they can dish out.  I’ve already gone through 1 very expensive wool area rug and am at my wits end!  Any suggestions? I am very familiar … Read more

Countertop Edging Options

countertop edging

A lot of readers have been asking lately how to finish the edges of their countertops when tiling.  There are a few countertop edging options depending on your skill level and patience. From bullnose tile and sink rails to wood molding and Schluter edges there are options available to you. Let’s start with the most … Read more

Stainless Steel Paint For Appliances

stainless steel paint

Today a reader asks: My existing appliances all run great, but I’m tired of them being mismatched and I love the look of stainless steel.  Is there anything I can do to make mine look like stainless steel without having to replace them? Yes there is!  You have two options to make your appliances appear … Read more