Protect Your Hardwood Floor With A Canvas Floor Cloth

Today Alice writes:

I need to protect my hardwood floor in the dining room but I have 3 small children and need something that can hold up to everything they can dish out.  I’ve already gone through 1 very expensive wool area rug and am at my wits end!  Any suggestions?

I am very familiar with the need to protect your hardwood floors from everyday abuse!  And with three small children, you will have your work cut out for you!  But don’t give up yet, based on your situation I’d suggest either an olefin fiber area rug or a canvas floor cloth.

If you are wanting another soft feeling area rug then stick to Olefin fiber.  Olefin would be best for you because it’s the least expensive rug fiber out there.  Therefore you don’t have to spend a fortune on your rug and it is also stain resistant.  While an olefin rug resists stains it is not stain proof so you may want to consider a pattern that is dark in tone or multicolored, this will help camouflage any stains that do arise and help your rug look newer longer.

Protecting hardwood flooring

If you don’t have your heart set on another soft feeling area rug, then protect your hardwood floor with a canvas floor cloth.  It will lay over your hardwood floor to protect it from every day use, but can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.  With a good quality or varnished canvas floor cloth you won’t have to worry about staining.  Canvas floor cloths are versatile and come in many shapes and sizes.  You can even make one yourself!  I found this great how-to at Martha Stewart’s website.

Either way you go, you do have options to protect your hardwood floor that are hassle free and easy to clean.  So don’t despair!

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