How Many Coats Of Red Paint Are Needed?

paint walls red

Think of painting a wall red like decorating a cake. When you put white frosting on a chocolate cake, if the frosting isn’t thick enough the darkness of the chocolate cake shows through the frosting, affecting its color. So you compensate by applying more frosting until the color is consistent. Red paint is the same … Read more

How To Calculate Paint Quantity For Any Project

How To Calculate Paint Quantity For Any Project

Quick and Easy Tip: How to calculate paint for any project! When it comes to painting projects, how do you figure out how much paint you’ll need? Most of us probably ask the clerk at the paint desk how much we should get. And normally this is fine, but what if the clerk is new … Read more

Clark+Kensington Paint Review

Clark+Kensington Paint

Recently, I received a gallon of the new paint from Ace Hardware to use on an upcoming living room project. The new paint line is called Clark+Kensington and it is a ‘paint and primer in one’ product. I’m always eager to try out new products and this paint was certainly no exception, since this allows … Read more

How Can I Coordinate Paint Colors

How Can I Coordinate Paint Colors

Today Madison asks: Diva, how can I coordinate paint colors? Coordinating colors is the hardest thing about painting!  We can all do the work or hire someone else to do the work, but deciding, that is the hard part!  Especially if you don’t know what to choose and you have to coordinate paint colors. That’s … Read more

Stainless Steel Paint For Appliances

stainless steel paint

Today a reader asks: My existing appliances all run great, but I’m tired of them being mismatched and I love the look of stainless steel.  Is there anything I can do to make mine look like stainless steel without having to replace them? Yes there is!  You have two options to make your appliances appear … Read more