Stainless Steel Paint For Appliances

Today a reader asks:

My existing appliances all run great, but I’m tired of them being mismatched and I love the look of stainless steel.  Is there anything I can do to make mine look like stainless steel without having to replace them?

Yes there is!  You have two options to make your appliances appear as stainless steel.

#1 You can paint them.  Here is one brand of paint that gives your appliances the look of stainless steel.  It is by Thomas liquid stainless steel and is one of the few products out there that actually has stainless steel mixed into the paint.  Here is an installation video to watch and see how it is applied.

#2 Rolled filmed that looks like stainless steel.  This is a nice option if you don’t want to commit to painting your appliances.  Many companies manufacture Stainless steel looking film for just this purpose.  The great thing about this film is that if you don’t like it or didn’t do it right you can remove it.

stainless steel paint

Now that you’ve seen your two options please keep in mind, that if is this your first time applying either one, it might not turn out as you expected.  Getting the paint smooth and the film smooth without any wrinkles, can be difficult to accomplish.  So if you are a perfectionist, you may just want to deal with your mismatched look, or buy new appliances.

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