Shaw Anso Nylon With R2X

A couple of readers asked about Shaw’s Anso Nylon with R2X carpet.  They wanted to know what so great about it.  Well there are a couple of things, Shaw Anso Nylon with R2X is made with 25% post consumer recycled content.  This is great for the environment in both the using recycled content and limiting materials going to landfills.

Anso Nylon is also a Type 6 nylon which is one of the best for wear, bouncing back to look newer longer. Shaw’s carpet is also great because Shaw’s R2x is a great stain resister.  Most things will come out as long as you clean them up right away.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this video:

Anso Nylon with R2X carpet

Obviously Shaw is looking for ways to one up their competitors, but I think it was a good demonstration video all in all.  I’d recommend Shaw Anso Nylon with R2X carpet for anyone who wants and eco-friendly great wearing carpet, as long as they clean up stains in a timely manner.  This carpet, like most, will probably not clean up with if days had past before stains were cleaned up. Just something else to consider.