How Can I Coordinate Paint Colors

Today Madison asks:

Diva, how can I coordinate paint colors?

Coordinating colors is the hardest thing about painting!  We can all do the work or hire someone else to do the work, but deciding, that is the hard part!  Especially if you don’t know what to choose and you have to coordinate paint colors.

That’s why in answer to Madison’s questions I’ve complied a list of cheats to help coordinate paint colors. I call it coordinating colors for dummies!

#1 Go monochromatic! The easiest way to do this is to pick out the color you want your first room to be and then only use additional colors from that same card.  Sticking to the same card will give your space a very cohesive feeling, without having to find harmonious colors.

How Can I Coordinate Paint Colors

#2 Check out the free handouts. Many companies have free handouts that let you see the season’s hottest color trends.  Each photo includes coordinating colors, if you find a look you like, use it!  Just remember the photo is just a representation of the color, it will look a little different on your walls.

#3 Stay neutral. If you don’t have an eye for coordinating colors,  stay neutral. Typically speaking you have less to worry about with neutral colors clashing as when you go full-out and find bold colors!

#4 Try Martha Stewart’s new line of paint. Martha makes it easy for us coordinating color “newbies”.  Each card has a shape on the top corner.  If you want to make sure the paint colors coordinate, make sure each color you select has the same shape.  And Viola the colors coordinate with minimal effort!

#5 Checkout Dutchboy Paint’s coordinating colors card. Right on the card you get a selection of seven colors that coordinate together.  They couldn’t make it easier for you to choose a set that flows from one room to the next.

See how easy it is! No matter your level of color expertise, it is possible to find paint colors that coordinate.  You just have to know where to search so that you can get the look you want!