Kitchen Window Treatments

One of the most common questions we get is how to choose kitchen window treatments.   When choosing kitchen window treatments, it is important to consider the conditions that the window will be exposed to before making your selection.  If your only window in the kitchen is away from the sink and any food prep then you luck out and can put virtually any type of window treatment in that room.

But if your window is like most and is near the sink you need to be a little wiser in your selection.  Kitchen window treatments in wet or messy areas need to abide by two very simple rules: they need to be easy to clean and water resistant.

Kitchen Window Treatments

#1 Easy to clean – Kitchen window treatments that are easy to clean have to be washable.  Certain fabrics of curtains fall into this category.  You can use fabric for your kitchen window treatment as long as it is machine washable.

Choosing something that has to be taken to the dry cleaners will only hamper your ability to keep it clean and add one more thing to your busy schedule.  If a curtain isn’t the look you were going for consider going with 1″ vinyl mini blinds, 2″ faux wood blinds, or vinyl roller shades.

All three of these options will be easy to clean, especially since y0u can use a wet rag to clean anything that may splash on these blinds right off.

#2 Resists water – If you want a kitchen window treatment that resists water stay away from fabric shades or blinds.  And look to easy to clean blinds and shades instead.  As mentioned above 1″ mini blinds, 2″ faux wood blinds and vinyl roller shades all resist water.  The water coming from your sink and the water needed to clean them will do no damage to the window treatments themselves making them ideal for kitchen window treatments.

No matter what you choose for your kitchen window treatment, if you follow these 2 simple rules you will have a window treatment that can last for years under the tough demand of your kitchen.