Best Carpet For Stairs

Today Cindy asks:

Diva, what is the absolute best carpet for stairs?

The best carpet for stairs depends on a lot of variables.  I hate making a blanket statement on what works best because it depends on the kind of the traffic, if you have kids or pets and what your personal preference is.  But there are few points that carry over from one style or situation to another:

Density – Choose a dense carpet, whether it is loop or cut, you need a carpet that isn’t going to crush down right away, so look for something with a higher density.

Best Carpet For Stairs

Fiber type – Choose nylon or one of the new PTT polyester’s.  Stay away from Olefin or Polypropylene fibers because they do not wear as well as nylon or PTT.

Twist – Whether you are going with a Berber (looped) carpet or a cut (texture/plush/frieze) the higher the twist the better, for steps don’t go with anything below a twist of 5.0.  You can find this number on the back of the carpet sample or by asking your salesperson to call the manufacturer.

Bend it – Bend the carpet like it would be bent to cover a step and make sure that it doesn’t gap on the curve. You do not want to see a straight line of the backing.

And remember what carpet works best for you depends on those unique variables in your home. Notice I did not mention any specific brands, whether you are choosing Stainmaster, Shaw or any other brand these are 4 points that will carry over from brand to brand and help you select the best carpet for stairs.

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