Matching Wood Flooring

Today Jim writes:

Dear Diva, I have hardwood floors in my kitchen that I want to extend to the adjoining dining room, but the same hardwood isn’t available anymore. I don’t have the money to replace both floors and start from scratch.  What can I do? How about matching wood flooring?

I can definitely understand not wanting to rip out the wood flooring and start over. Wood flooring is expensive!  Don’t worry Jim, you’ve got a couple of options! One option is to find something close and go with it.  For the most part, the flow will carry on and there will only be a noticeable difference  where the two spaces connect.  As long as you go for new flooring in a similar grain, it doesn’t have to be the same species of wood, it just has to look like it.

You will also want to find wood flooring with a similar board width and height.  Similar board width will help keep the lines on the floor visually the same, while keeping the same height will keep you from having a step up or step down. Otherwise a different height wood flooring may draw more attention to where the flooring meets, not to mention cause a potential trip hazard.

Matching Wood Flooring

Don’t forget to keep the color as close as possible as well.  Having a different color wood flooring will only add to the differences between the two floors.  One way to avoid any color differences is to have the old floor stained to match the new floor if a similar color is not available.

Refinishing your old floor while you finish the new wood flooring, is not an easy task and will have to leaving your home for 3-7 days for completion. It will also require a lot of prep work.  If you aren’t having any luck finding matching flooring, creating one may be your best chance at uniformity.

It won’t be a perfect wood floor match because of the unique grain patterns on both sections of the flooring, but may be your best option to have the flooring look similar and like it was done at the same time.

Even if you can’t find something exact to match an existing flooring, don’t give up.  With a little patience and some perseverance you may be able to find something close enough without having to tear up your old flooring and start over from scratch!

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