Tile Over Bathroom Vanity

Quick and Easy Project Idea: Tile over a bathroom vanity top!

If you have an old or beat up laminate vanity top, you can tile over it in an afternoon just by using one of the new tile setting mats. With Bondera or SimpleMat you can change the look of your vanity in just six simple steps:

1) Measure your area and purchase the tile.

2) Clean the old countertop, remove sinks and faucets.

3) Lay out the mat and set it on the surface of the vanity.

4) Set the tile in the mat and apply pressure to secure the bond.

5) Grout your work area.

6) Replace sinks and re-attach faucets.

Tile over a bathroom vanity top

As you can see tiling over an existing laminate vanity top is a lot easier than it used to be!  With a little elbow grease you can give your bathroom an updated look without breaking the bank!