Estimating Costs For Plantation Shutters

Estimating costs for plantation shutters installed can be tricky, but if you are only looking for a guesstimate, it can be done without having to turn to a professional.  The reason I say guesstimate instead of estimate is because we are only guessing at the price.

1) Different Companies, Different Choices – Each company has different charges for different options, and there is no true way to tell what yours will cost without having a trained professional in your home looking at your window.  But a guesstimate will give us a good idea as to what the basic plantation shutter will cost installed.

2) Square Footage – The average price of wood plantation shutters is $27 a square foot installed.  To figure out the square footage of your window, take the width in inches and multiple it by the height in inches.  Then divide that number by 144, which is the amount of square inches in 1 square foot.  For example, let’s say our window is 46″ wide x  58″ height.


So we have the following:

46"  x 58" = 2668"  Now take 2668/144=18.53 square feet

3) Doing the math – Let’s round that up to 19 square feet and multiple that by $27, and we get $513.  This would be the starting price of our shutter.  I choose to estimate for wood shutters because they are more expensive than faux wood or poly-material shutters.  And remember this is just the price of the basic shutter installed.Estimating Costs For Plantation Shutters

4) Framing and Special Options – If you want a stained wood instead of white or off-white, need additional framing or any special options, your price will go up.  But by being able to guesstimate a price you will know whether shutters are in your budget without going to the hassle of having a professional come into your home.