Should I Choose A Pebble Stone Floor?

Pebble stone floors are growing in popularity and after seeing a kitchen floor  done exclusively in pebbles myself, I can understand why.  It was a beautiful look and definitely unique.  No boring wood or ceramic tile in that kitchen, pebble stone floors are a welcome addition to cottage style or modern kitchen designs. They re also available in a multitude of colors and styles.  The kitchen I saw had round river rock looking pebbles for its floor, but you can also get pebble tile in more angular flat pieces as well.

Pebble stone tiles are also popular on backsplashes, walls and in bathrooms.  If you are wanting to give your bathroom a spa like feeling try using the round river rock pebbles.  The natural feeling will help increase relaxation in your space.  Like the look but not sure about the price?  Pebble stone tiles run approximately $10 a square foot.  Which means they are a little on the pricey side but if you were looking at glass or metal tiles $10 is a steal.

Pebble Stone Floor

To learn more about pebble stone flooring, check out this link to Solistone’s website.  Here you will find pictures of products as well as an idea gallery to help you envision this cool tile on all the different surfaces imaginable! It’s also helpful to let Google be your guide and just browse the web for other great pebble stone flooring ideas. The possibilities are endless.