PaperStone Countertops Pros And Cons

As the Home Makeover Diva, I’m expected to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest products for the home. But I have to admit I’ve been letting myself slack lately when it comes to eco friendly countertop solutions. It was only quite recently that I became aware of a product called PaperStone. … Read more

Replace A Drop In With An Undermount Sink?

Replace A Drop In With An Undermount Sink

Today Sandy asks: Diva, can you replace a regular drop in countertop sink with an undermount sink? Sandy, the simple answer is no and here is why: An undermount sink is usually paired with solid surface countertop’s (solid granite, quartz, Corian, etc).  So if you have a drop in sink, most likely you have a … Read more

Countertop Edging Options

countertop edging

A lot of readers have been asking lately how to finish the edges of their countertops when tiling.  There are a few countertop edging options depending on your skill level and patience. From bullnose tile and sink rails to wood molding and Schluter edges there are options available to you. Let’s start with the most … Read more

Stainless Steel Paint For Appliances

stainless steel paint

Today a reader asks: My existing appliances all run great, but I’m tired of them being mismatched and I love the look of stainless steel.  Is there anything I can do to make mine look like stainless steel without having to replace them? Yes there is!  You have two options to make your appliances appear … Read more

Modern Masters Countertop Transformations

Many of our readers have been asking for low cost renovations for the kitchen and I’ve just found another great one!  So rather than pointing you to our installing article on picking out a granite or quartz countertop, check out this new product that gives you the look of granite or quartz countertop without the … Read more

Bondera – A SimpleMat Alternative

Bondera Toolbox

Not too long back, we were contacted by a PR firm that wanted to share a product that competes with SimpleMat called Bondera TileMatSet. Intrigued, we agreed to receive what Bondera calls a Tiling Toolbox. On the surface it might look like any other wooden box, but once opened up, we discovered that it contained … Read more