Bondera – A SimpleMat Alternative

Not too long back, we were contacted by a PR firm that wanted to share a product that competes with SimpleMat called Bondera TileMatSet. Intrigued, we agreed to receive what Bondera calls a Tiling Toolbox. On the surface it might look like any other wooden box, but once opened up, we discovered that it contained not only some great material on what Bondera does, but it even comes with tiles and Bondera TileMatSet itself on the reverse side of the box!

Bondera Toolbox

What is Bondera TileMatSet?

Described as pressure-sensitive adhesive on a roll that allows for an easier experience with tiling. Cleaner and faster than traditional methods, this is a product that can be used in much the same way as SimpleMat. The big difference is the use of the Bondera seam tape to repel moisture. Clearly, a big bonus for tiling bathrooms and backsplashes!


Is Bondera TileMatSet good for beginners?

Based on what I have seen first hand, you bet it is. Due to its peal and stick nature, using Bondera to create great looking backsplashes is very easy to do.

Why is there also a seam tape product for Bondera?

Unlike other products, Bondera is apparently able to resist moisture when used with the seam tape. This translates into expanding beyond mere backsplashes, thus taking on bathroom tiling projects, even shower and bath surrounds.

Does Bondera need special surfaces to work?

Clean, flat and level. Those are your requirements. This translates into a laundry list of possibilities including plywood, drywall, cement, metal, laminate, the list goes on.

Can laid tiles be adjusted after being placed on the adhesive surface?

Yes, unlike other options out there. You can remove and replace the tile once applied. Realize however, that time is of the essence and the bond increases as the tile sits on the adhesive.

How long before I can grout?

How fast can you apply the tiles to the adhesive? Yes, that is how long you have to wait – grout immediately if you like! Just remember you will want to grout no later than eight hours after first applying tiles to the adhesive.

Where can I get it?

You can buy Bondera TileMatSet from

Demonstration, seeing it in action?

In the coming days, we will be creating a short demonstration video where you will be able to see us apply the provided tiles from the Bondera toolbox to the reverse side with Bondera TileMatSet. The video will demonstrate both tile application, as well as removal. After this, we will be doing a second video in which we apply a full application of Bondera TileMatSet to a flat surface in which tiles will be applied and grouted. Stay tuned…

Disclosure: The product in this review was provided by Bondera TileMatSet, however this is NOT a paid review by any means and our findings with Bondera TileMatSet are unbiased and authentic.