Considering Remote Control Window Blinds And Shades

Today Steve writes:

I just read your article on window treatments for hard to reach window treatment solutions. It was helpful, but I still have a question.  What type of window treatments can I get with the remote option?

Well Steve, you can get several different types of remote control blinds and shades.  Remote functionality used to be reserved for cellular shades and aluminum blinds, but not any more.

Shades – In shades you can get just about any style.  Cellular shades have been the most popular for a number of reasons.  First of all they have the insulating factor, which is good in the winter and the summer.  They are light weight so you can get larger sizes than some of the other remote control blinds and they have a contemporary look.   These days, you can get roman shades, roller shades and pleated shades with the remote option.  They roll up at the touch of a button.

Blinds – In blinds you used to only be able to get aluminum blinds.  Now you can get wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vinyl blinds and just about anything that tilts open and closed.  Unlike window shades, blinds do not go up and down they only tilt open and closed.  There is still a cord control to raise and lower the blind, but it is a manual control.

Power source for the window treatments – You can also choose your power source.  Do you want a battery pack or an a/c adapter?  The battery pack is nice because there are no cords hanging off the blind, but keep in mind that eventually the batteries will need to be replaced and you will either need to take the blind down and change them or hire someone to do it for you.  Most companies make an A/C adapter with 20′-25′ cords so you can plug them in to the nearest outlet.

Another option with remote control blinds is a sensor so they automatically close or open as the light changes.  That or you can get a wall mounted switch that is programmable to open and close when it is convenient for you.   If you have multiple window treatments with remote motors you can choose to have a one channel remote so all can open with it.  However, if you have multiple blinds in one room and you don’t want them all closed at the same time you can buy remotes with more than one channel, so they can be programmed to raise and lower individually.

As you can see there are now, many options for blinds and shades come with the remote option if you want.  You are no longer restricted to what is available you can match your other window treatments or choose the one you really like for those hard to reach windows.

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