Stumped Choosing Bali Cellular Shades

Today Tammy writes:

Help me diva!  I have looked at the website for weeks now.  I’ve ordered samples in several styles of window treatments and I think I’ve finally found “the” color for my living room, but it is not the type of shade I originally thought of. I want window treatments with good light control and the option to tilt open and closed, but I’ve fallen in love with the color of some Bali cellular shades. Making things more complicated, I also want  a shade that’s cordless. Should I just start my search over?


Desperate in Colorado

Hi Tammy. Just because you haven’t found a Bali cellular shade that was not your “original plan” does not mean you won’t be happy with it in the long run!  Sometimes you just have to think outside the box, even if it’s a box you made yourself. This is especially true since we all know just how integral color is to the design of a space.  When you find “the one” that just works smoothly it is hard to let it go.   Just because it’s a cellular shade does not mean that it will not offer light control.  You will just want to consider your options.

Bali Cellular Shades

It is possible to get light control with a cellular shade. You just have to get the top down/bottom up feature.  That way you can keep your shade pulled down to the window sill, but you can also open the top part up and let light in.  This is also great if privacy is a big deal. Because you can keep the shade down and just let light through the top.  This option is also available cordless so you will get a blind that isn’t boggled down by cords and is safe if you have kids and pets.  So I say go for it!  A cellular shade from Bali with the top down/bottom up cordless feature sounds just like the ticket for your living room makeover!

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