Considering Extra Wide Window Blinds

If you have extra wide windows you might think your chooses for window treatments are limited, but there are more styles out there then one would think! It just takes a little more thought and a little more thinking outside the box! Here are 3 popular styles for extra wide window blinds:

Vertical Blinds – These blinds are available in wider widths than another other blind out there.  And because of the large 3 1/2″ vane it spans a larger window without a bunch of little blinds.  Also these blinds can stack to one side making them the #1 choice for sliding glass doors because the stack can go on the opposite side of the door.  Vertical blinds are available in a variety of colors and textures as well fabric and vinyl slats.

Sliding Panels – These blinds work similarly to vertical blinds.  They have a track at the top that slides the panels to the left or the right.  Also, Sliding Panel blinds are available in a variety of colors and fabric textures.  These are often used as room dividers and are available in pretty large sizes.

Vertical Cellular Shades – Bali and Hunter Douglas are dominating the window treatments in this field.  Vertical Cellular Shades are exactly as they sound: cellular shades turned so the lines are vertical instead of horizontal.  Also a nice alternative to the traditional vertical blind, these are popular because of their insulating factor and because they blow around and make a bunch of clatter noises like vertical blinds.

Multiple Shades on 1 headrail – Most companies offer to make your window treatment so that it has one long headrail but separately operable shades.  This helps give a cohesive look at the top but gives you lighter weight shades that can move up independently of one another.  This style is very popular with large picture windows that have sliders on the sides.  This way you can move up only the shade that is in front of the window section you are opening or closing.  This is also a way to get the look you want on the wider windows.  What was only available up to 72″ can now be twice as big.

As you can see above,  you are not limited to one or  two styles for extra wide windows and anymore.  With a little research you can have what you want!