Replace A Drop In With An Undermount Sink?

Today Sandy asks:

Diva, can you replace a regular drop in countertop sink with an undermount sink?

Sandy, the simple answer is no and here is why: An undermount sink is usually paired with solid surface countertop’s (solid granite, quartz, Corian, etc).  So if you have a drop in sink, most likely you have a laminate or tile countertop.

You cannot have either of those materials with an undermount sink because the edges of the material that supports the countertop would be exposed, usually particle board or plywood. Which means, you are stuck with your drop in sink unless you are going to replace your countertops at the same time.

Replace A Drop In With An Undermount Sink

If you are just going to replace your sink and you haven’t found anything you like locally, try searching online for a sink you like.  You would be amazed at the options that are out there, and if you are getting a new sink, think about replacing your old faucet as well!


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