Kohler Elevance Rising Wall Bath

Today Shelly writes:

Dear Diva,

I need an ADA compliant tub, but I don’t want something that looks institutional. What can you recommend that doesn’t sacrifice design for function? Also is it possible to get one with the jacuzzi option? Thank you.

Shelly, there is a new product by Kohler that gives you all of those qualities and more. It’s called the Kohler Elevance Rising Wall Bath. It even comes with optional Bubble Massage. And I’ve got to tell you this bathtub is pretty cool, which is something we both know isn’t said about ADA compliant bath tubs very often!

First off it’s easy to get into. The opening Elevance Rising Wall Bath is extra wide at almost the entire length of the tub, which is five feet. The seat is at chair height and there are integrated grab bars to help you get in.  Even the grab bars are designed for both function and design. Once you’ve sat down in the bath tub and maneuvered so that you are inside, there’s an easy to lift rising wall. According to Kohler it requires less than 5lbs of force to move the wall up and down. Getting in and out easier with thoughtful design. And as an added bonus, it still looks cool.

Kohler Elevance Rising Wall Bath

Other cool features include a waterfall, optional Bubble Massage and toe tap drain. The integrated waterfall fill feature also adds a peaceful feeling to the bathing experience.  Add to that feeling with the optional Bubble Massage, you’re left to imagine feeling like your being enveloped in a “cushion of massaging bubbles!”

You won’t want to get out of the bath tub! But when you finally do decide to leave the tub, don’t worry as getting out is simple too! Just touch the toe tap drain and touch a button on the side wall and water will drain in less than two minutes.

On top of all these great features the Kohler Elevance Bath is only five feet long which means that it can fit in a traditional tub space. So it works for new construction and perhaps even more importantly, works well with new renovations. The Elevance bathtub isn’t cheap at a starting price of over $8700, but considering the features and the design it’s worth checking out!

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