Reveal with MagnaView By Hunter Douglas

Today Nancy writes:

Dear Diva, I’m one of those rare people who actually like mini blinds. I like way they look as well as the functionality but I would like to let in more light. Is there anything out there that is still a mini blind but lets in more light? And before you say it, I hate wood blinds! Thanks in advance.

Nancy, yes there are regular “mini” blinds that let in more light. You can either go with a 2″ wide slat mini blind or you can check out Reveal with Magna View by Hunter Douglas.

When it comes to mini blinds, they actually do come in sizes other than the standard 1″ wide slat. You can choose from 1/2″, 1″, 1-3/8″ to 1-5/8″ depending on company or 2″ slats. So if you’re interested in letting more light in when the blinds are tilted open, consider going with anything over 1-3/8″ wide. Obviously the bigger you go the more light that will be let in. So the 2″ wide will be your best option in this category. They are also available in both aluminum and vinyl. I know you said you don’t want wood blinds, so if it is the size of slat you don’t like about wood then you aren’t going to like it in the aluminum or vinyl option. But that is okay because there is another choice: Reveal with MagnaView by Hunter Douglas.

Reveal with MagnaView By Hunter Douglas

As you can imagine from the name “Reveal with Magna View”, it covers more of a view and more light coming in than traditional mini blinds. This is done by the way the “slats nest together” when tilted open. Instead of the slats being equal distance apart the two slats actually nest together thus creating more space between the slats. And when the blinds are tilted closed, the Magna View blinds look like regular blinds. The Magna View blinds are also available in both 1″ and 2″ slats, which means no matter what your preference you will get a better view than that of what you would find with regular shades.

One important feature to mention is that Hunter Douglas’ Reveal blinds are only available in aluminum, but it’s an 8-gauge aluminium.  So these blinds will take more of a beating. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to bend them, because if you try to fold them, you will indeed bend the slat. But if you were to whack them really hard downward they would bounce back to their natural shape with no permanent damage. This is a little trick that’s fun to try. Just make sure you ask the customer service representative before you go around whacking blinds! This will help keep you from getting embarrassed or having to pay for displays if damage occurs!

Whether you look into Hunter Douglas’s Reveal with Magna View or just check out larger sized slats of regular mini blinds, I am confident you will find mini blinds that let in more light!

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