Hard To Reach Window Treatment Solutions

Several of our readers have expressed frustration and anxiety about how to deal with hard to reach window treatments once Spring comes and the sun is out again.  Many of who, mentioned feeling like they are living in a cave because they pull the shades down for the sunny months and only open them in the winter.  Others are tired of hauling a step ladder behind them from window to window.  All of them asking “Isn’t there a better way?”  Yes there are!  In fact there are three different options for those hard to reach windows when you custom order your window treatments.

1) – Remote Control Window Treatments – Remotes are great in those hard to reach areas where you don’t feel like risking life and limb just to let some light in.  Remote control window blinds are the most expensive option and come with several different options.  You can either get a remote or a wall mounted switch.  You can also choose a battery pack that sits in the head-rail and is invisible or an AC/DC adapter that plugs in the wall. The video below, shows off an alternative power setup and installation that might work for you as well.

2) – Cordless Window Treatments with Optional 6′- 9′ Pole – This option is a little more economical than the remote window treatment solution, but you are still paying extra for the cordless mechanism though.  Cordless window treatments are available on almost all styles of custom ordered blinds and shades, including cellular shades, Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Aluminum Blinds, Pleated Shades and CordlessWood Blinds.  The handles to push the window treatment up and down have a small hole that the hook on the pole fits into making it easier to line up and push or pull the window treatment open.  The hook on the end of the pole is similar to the ones they use at clothing stores to get the hangers down from up high.

Hard To Reach Window Treatment Solutions

3) – Request Longer Cords and Wands – When you custom order your window treatments, most manufacturers will ask if you need to have custom length cords and wands.  Simply measure how long each would need to be to comfortably reach and voilà, problem solved.  If it’s a cord and you can’t reach the top to measure, guess over. You can always cut it down to what you need later.

To decide what option works best for you, consider your function and your budget.  Also make sure to ask plenty of questions before committing to any one window treatment option, because some window treatments may not provide the functionality that you’re used to.  But above all else, stop living in a cave or dragging a step ladder through out your house  — we’re not in the dark ages anymore!