Mohawk Smartstrand vs. Shaw R2X Carpet

Recently I found a series of videos on YouTube that reminded me of the Mac vs. Windows commercials we’ve all seen on TV. The difference however, was that these videos were for Mohawk Smartstrand vs. Shaw R2X Carpet!  Needless to say I was intrigued. With the exception of Armstrong, I’ve found that most flooring commercials are pretty boring!  I think it just goes to show that in today’s economy everyone is fighting for their share of the market.  The video’s I’m talking about are by Smartstrand carpet.

smartstrand vs shaw r2x carpet

Check it out:

So as you can see, even the flooring industry can be very “dog eat dog” in their quest for the customer’s business.  Now to be honest, I don’t think either carpet is really “better” than the other one.  Smartstrand hasn’t been around long enough for me to really judge the wear from this new PTT polyester fiber.  But if I were purchasing new carpet with children and pets in the home, its “stain resistance” to most stains would definitely get my attention.

Though what is stain free if the carpet fibers are matted?  Just like with Shaw’s R2X it appears to be great with water based stains, repelling most moisture, but how is it on the other types of stains?  Because what is a carpet that looks new against wear, but is stained?  I say choose which is more important to you and your family and go for it. Both carpet choices are pretty darn great.