Should I Buy Formica Laminate Flooring?

A reader forwarded this video on to us and asked what we thought of Formica laminate flooring and whether or not he should buy Formica Laminate Flooring.

Clearly, buyers remorse is something to keep an eye out for when looking at flooring. While it can be changed, it will not likely happen without a fair amount of time, expense and of course…extra hassle.

According to the video’s description, it seems that a flooring salesman had sold them something without fully disclosing what all one needs to consider when wanting to buy Formica laminate flooring.

Like most products out there, we know of people who are both satisfied and dissatisfied with their floors from Formica and every type of laminate flooring in between.  The above video isn’t in the best light or quality, so it is hard to tell exactly what is going on with that floor.  Perhaps it was installed incorrectly, maybe that batch was flawed, it is impossible for me to tell.

I have heard some great things about Formica Laminate flooring and personally, I love the beveled look they give to each one of the boards for that real wood flooring look.  But that aside I think it’s more important to take a moment to mention a few key facts about picking out ANY laminate flooring.

Should I Buy Formica Laminate Flooring?

#1 – Don’t expect the flooring to look consistently like the little piece you see as a sample. There may be a large or darker grain pattern.  If it is distressed looking, some boards may be more or less distressed than others.  A laminate flooring’s goal is to look like real wood (or tile) and in order to help achieve that they print it with these variations.  That is the beauty of natural hardwood flooring, that is why it is being imitated.

#2 – Test how scratch resistant it is before installing it in your home! It is very simple, no matter what the manufacturers warranty happens to be, give it a try anyway. Do the key test: take a sample of the flooring and place it on the floor. Then hold your keys out at shoulder height and drop them onto the board.  Now pick up your keys and the sample. Inspect the board for scratches and/or dents.  If you live in a home with kids and dogs go for the board that withstands the key test!

#3 – Dark colors and shiny finishes are hard to keep clean. Darker boards show everything light colored so if you have a white dog or cat, you will see their hair and will probably need to sweep daily.  Shiny finishes show smudges.  Especially those caused by bare feet, so if seeing those smudge marks will bother you don’t picky a glossy surface.

#4 – All boards are not created equally. The thicker the board the better it resists dents. Look for a board thickness of at least 7mm.  The core of laminate boards are made out of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or HDF (high density fiberboard).  High Density boards can take a beating better than medium density. So, once again if you have kids and pets or you drop a lot of stuff, get a laminate with a thicker high density fiberboard.

When it comes to any major purchase if you do your research you will get more bang for your buck. These are just four quick tips on what to look for when buying laminate flooring. Stick to these guidelines and you will be happier with your laminate flooring in the long run.

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