Two Inch Bamboo Wood Blinds

If you are looking at wood blinds but you want something a little more eco-friendly check out two inch Bamboo Wood Blinds.  Several companies are now offering real bamboo slats in the two inch horizontal wood line.

Bamboo wood blinds are popular because they are lighter weight than traditional wood blinds.  Lighter weight means less likely to warp.  It also means easier to lift up and down, perfect for anyone who has arthritis or has lost strength in their arms or wrists. Another great reason to select Bamboo over wood is because it is a renewable resource. So if you’re eco-conscience, you now have a wood blind option.

Bamboo Wood Blinds

Bamboo blinds also have a unique look and are available in natural bamboo or the darker color commonly called toast.  Check out your local blinds retailer or look online to find samples and photos of these unique eco-friendly blinds! Just remember to seek out samples, so that you are positive you are buying the right bamboo blind for your space.