Pella Windows With Window Treatments

If you are replacing windows or are getting ready to build a new home, consider installing new Pella Windows. Pella Windows look great from the outside plus they offer a variety of benefits and features. One feature offered over other window companies is a  great option for “built-in” window treatments.

Pella Windows offers three styles of between the glass window treatments, all available in designer colors to help match any decor.  With the added benefit of not being forever, they are easy to change.

The three types of styles available are Slimshade blinds, fabric shades and decorative panels.  The Slimshade blinds are like traditional blinds in that they can be tilted open and closed for light control, but can also be slid up or down.

The fabric shades are cellular shades.  They can only open or close there is no tilting available.  But you can get them in the top down or bottom up feature so that you can control your privacy by which way you open the shades.  Like traditional cellular shades, they are also white to street side, so you have a uniform look throughout.

The last option is a decorative shade.  They do not open or close and are mostly used in situations where the view is not desirable or privacy is needed around the clock.  The decorative shades are available in a variety of colors, textures and designs.

Pella offers a line of windows with the option for window treatments built-in.  This is an excellent choice for homes who have children and pets. All of the “Between the Glass” window treatments are cordless and completely enclosed behind glass where they can’t be a safety danger or damaged by little fingers or paws!