How To Choose Granite Colors?

Today a reader asks:

I am remodeling a small kitchen (12×10). I have installed: stainless steel appliances, Diamond Kitchen Cabinets in Cherry Harvest finish, and Alloc – Japanese Cherry hardwood flooring.

I am having a difficult time selecting a granite countertop color? I cannot decide whether to go light or dark? Can tell me how to choose granite colors?

There really is no wrong or right choice when it comes to choosing granite countertop colors. But there are a few things to keep in mind when you are making your choice.

Where is your focus? If you want the granite to stand out and want it to be the focus of your kitchen, then you need to choose a granite color that is either darker or lighter than your countertops. The value difference will help add visual interest and drama to your kitchen.

How To Choose Granite Colors?

Another aspect of the granite countertops that will add drama/interest is the size of the pattern being selected.  Some slabs of granite have small mineral flecks and more uniform patterns, while other granite slabs have a larger more dramatic pattern and mineral flecks.  Once again, this goes along with the above question:  How much do you want to have the granite countertop stand out?

Going with a dark countertop will definitely cause it to stand out.  If you’re looking at something in the black granite range, then that is a color that is definitely dramatic and because of that, it looks nice with cherry cabinets.  It also will take a little more cleaning, because everything’s lighter, like dust and crumbs stand out on a dark solid color surface.

If you don’t want the focus to be the granite countertops and want the focus to be on a backsplash or something else in the kitchen, then choosing a granite that is a similar tone to the cabinets is a good choice.

Is there a color value difference? If there is a great difference in color between the color of the kitchen cabinets and the color of the wood flooring, I’d suggest going with a granite that is in between the color range of the flooring and cabinets.  This is one rule of thumb that works well every time.

Keep in mind that if there isn’t a value difference between the flooring and the cabinets you will do the opposite and all three will blend.  This is why it is very important to know what you want ahead of time!

Are you adding a backsplash? If you’re using a granite backsplash, then ignore this section.  If you want to add a tile backsplash and have something specific in mind bring samples of the tile to pick out the granite.  Sometimes what we want and what matches the backsplash are two different things.  For example I love kitchens with spa-green glass backsplash tile, but the colors would look hideous in my kitchen.

Because of this, it took me way too long to find a backsplash that I could just live with, instead of loving it.  It’s important to consider everything in the room that will touch the countertops, like backsplashes and paint colors! If you keep all three of these points in mind when choosing your granite countertops, you can’t go wrong.

Bonus tips:

Have you considered choosing granite colors with existing appliances?

It sounds like you put a lot of thought into your flooring and cabinets, so I am confident that you will choose the right color for your space by utilizing some of the tips I’ve provided above. I realize it’s a bit overwhelming at first, but once you learn how to balance out visual interest, you’ll be all set.

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