Most Popular Caesarstone Colors

So what are the most popular Caesarstone colors out there? After all, you want to make sure that your quartz surface is going to be stylish for at least a few years to come, right? Well the fact is that most of the time it’s going to depend on where the Caesarstone quartz surface is going to end up. For bathrooms, you may find that colors like “blizzard” or a soft white are what will do best in that area of the house. Yet with a kitchen, it’s a completely different story altogether.

Texture vs color

More often than not, the question may be less about finding the idea color and more about finding a texture or pattern that isn’t too “busy” in appearance. Generally speaking if you’re unsure as to which color and pattern to go with, I recommend starting off with some samples going forward. One common approach is to begin with light colors/mild pattern then work your way dark/busier from there.

Taking this train of thought further, you might begin with the light-colored samples using the pattern color matching your cabinets wood tone a bit. So a light-colored quartz surface with cabinet matching specks on the countertop might make for an interesting sample to begin with. For those also working in a backsplash as well, you may try for multiple speck colors with the light color sample.

Going with a completely different pattern, you might also get additional samples with the darker color at the forefront and the lighter colors in the quartz specks. Again, more contrasting samples can help here. But generally there is no wrong or right way to do this, you simply need to find a series of varying styles/colors/patterns and see how they flow with your kitchen design. Sometimes showrooms can be helpful here.

Most Popular Caesarstone ColorsUse a showroom to your advantage

Despite this sounding a bit messed up, you can indeed goto a show room that has the material you’re looking for, match up cabinet samples, quartz countertop samples and flooring samples, even if you’re going to be buying those brands elsewhere. Clearly this works if these brands are duplicatable online or in another store somewhere else. And yes, if at all possible, stick it to the big box store and shop local. Seriously, the mom and pop stores need our support.

So by taking the above showroom approach, you can take notes and pictures as to the style/color/theme options that are going to work best. That way if you have to duplicate your Caesarstone colors from another vendor, you already know what you’re looking for without as much hesitation.

Maybe you want to try something completely different

For some of you, all of this comparing and matching might feel a little overwhelming. If you’re finding yourself in this position, then you might find it worthwhile to check out this article on choosing solid surface countertops. It will provide you with a run down on alternatives to quartz countertops and the advantages to each option.