Ceiling Fans For Small Rooms

Today my friend Susan, challenged me to find three ceiling fans for small rooms that don’t look like something she would find in her grandmother’s house.

Well Susan, I accept your challenge! This is the problem with being the Home Makeover Diva, my friends exploit my design skills and expect me to know exactly what they want! So, after just a little bit of research here are the three ceiling fan designs I found that I think even Susan will approve of!

For the first fan, I chose the 42″ Period Arts Lapa Bronze Mahogany Mica Hugger Ceiling Fan. This hugger ceiling fan costs approximately $450 depending on where you order it from. This is a craftsman style ceiling fan with a Mica colored glass shade. It has four fan blades and definitely doesn’t look like anything to be found in Susan’s grandma’s house.

Ceiling Fans For Small Rooms

With the second fan, I went with the 42″ Craftmade Sopwith Camel Warplane Hugger Ceiling Fan. This warplane hugger ceiling fan costs around $225, once again depending on where you order it from. This is an interesting fan that looks like the propeller of a WWII warplane. This may not have been quite what Susan was looking for, but I thought it was definitely noteworthy nonetheless!

And lastly with our final fan, I decided on the 16″ Casa Vieja Esquire Rotational Head Ceiling Fan. This rotational head ceiling fan costs around $250, depending on where you order it from. This is a great fan if you want something more ornate and vintage looking. It is an elegant ceiling fan that would go equally great in a traditional or a rustic designed space because of its retro look. It looks like a traditional wire framed table fan and the fan head can be aimed in any direction you choose increasing the flow of cool air.

So you see, ones doesn’t have to go with the traditional boring ceiling fan when you are looking for a fixture to go in small rooms. This is the 21st century, there are many options out there! It just takes a little research.  And as a side note, any of these three ceiling fans would look great in Susan’s house!