How to Repair Lifting Edges On Vinyl Tile

Vinyl peel and stick tiles are an easy do-it-yourself friendly type of project, but what do you do if the edges start lifting up? Simply re-glue them. If you aren’t sure how to do this then read on for step by step instructions on how to repair lifting edges on vinyl tile.

First step

You’ll need to make sure the area is clean by sweeping and mopping the area to be fixed. Making special care to remove any dust or debris near the lifting edges. By taking care of this first, you will be making sure that everything is working as it should be. Not removing dust and dirt, will translate into this vinyl repair not working and eventually will mean you’ll need to repair the lifting edges on the vinyl tile again.

How to Repair Lifting Edges On Vinyl Tile

Second step

If the area of the vinyl tile that’s lifting up is bigger than the size of a quarter, use a slightly damp rag or sponge to clean out under the area where the tiles are lifting. Then wait until it is fully dry, about 15-20 mins. You’ll want to take special care not to bend the vinyl tile in the process. Some tiles are extremely thin and can break with too much pressure. So when it doubt, take things slowly. It’s better to be overly careful than bend the tiles and leaving a bigger problem than when you started.

lifted tile edge

Third step

At this point, you’ll want to use a construction strength adhesive out of a tube to re-glue the area. Slide the tip under the lifted tile edge. Be sure you don’t over glue the area. Make a small bead of glue in the center of the area, keeping in mind that when the tile is flat it will smooth out and cover more area. Take extra care to be careful with how much glue is being applied here. Too much glue is just going to create problems, so remember that you only need to apply a single bead of the glue — nothing more.

re-glue the area

Fourth step

Press the tile edge down firmly and apply pressure. Don’t be afraid to apply plenty of pressure to the area. Just try to make sure the pressure you’re applying is done with an even hand as not to bend the vinyl tile or anything like that. When in doubt, just be careful and take things slowly. While you want to be firm with your application of pressure, you certainly don’t want to be overly forceful.

Fifth step

Immediately wipe off any excessive glue with a damp rag. There isn’t really any technique to this, other than making sure all of the excess glue is in fact, being removed completely. The reason for this is that it prevents you from ending up with a mess in the near future. Remember, it’s easier to remove the glue before it dries, than after. At least once it’s oozing the vinyl tiles, that is.

heavy object

Sixth and final step

Now you will need to go ahead and apply a heavy object directly over the affected area to hold it down until the glue dries. Leave over top of the affected area for a minimum of two hours, preferably overnight if possible. By leaving an appropriate amount of time to dry, you’re ensuring that the vinyl tile won’t begin showing lifting edges once again. But it is critical to allow both an appropriate amount of drying time along with hard, flat surfaced objects that will be helping the drying process along.