Four Must Have Features For A New Refrigerator

Thinking about new appliances? Here are four must have features for a new refrigerator!

How do you like your ice? Cubed, crushed or shaved? Yep, that’s right. I said shaved ice! On specific models of Kenmore Elite Fridges, you also have a third option for ice.  From all the reviews I’ve read, it’s about a 55/45 % split on whether the shaved ice is a good option.  Some reviewers warn that the ice is just smaller pieces of crushed ice and not shaved at all.  Others write that the fridge has a design flaw and that ice falls out into the freezer and kitchen floor.  And others yet, say they and their kids love the fridge and the shaved ice.  Fridge reviews are hard to decipher some seem just, while others zany.

Four Must Have Features For A New Refrigerator

Kid friendly fridges? How about a pull out drawer that your kindergartener can open on their own without having to stand on something? The new Samsung bottom freezer has a pull out drawer at countertop height which is the perfect kid height.  Fill with kid friendly snacks and you have a winning combination!  The new Samsung is rated fairly high for the counter height pull out drawer. However it is also important to mention that is still a fairly new fridge and reviews can change over time.

How much water do you need?  And you want that in cups or ounces? Several models of fridges now offer a measure fill feature.  You simply program in how much water you need and the fridge dispenses that exact amount for you. When I first saw this feature I was sold immediately, but a friend of mine thought it was frivolous and asked how often one would use that feature.  If you are trying to decide if this feature is right for you, ask yourself two questions: Do you cook and how often do you fill water bottles?  Because using the measure fill feature allows you to place the bottle directly under the spout and walk away while it is filling up.  I like the feature when cooking because it allows to multi task, especially while cooking at the stove!  The two brands with the most fridges with the measure fill feature are Kenmore and Whirlpool.

What fingerprints? Like stainless steel, but hate having to constantly clean the fingerprints or smudges?  Most companies have a stainless steel look without the hassle of fingerprints.  Everyone calls it something different though, so do the research before you purchase. For example: Cleansteel, satin finish, and titanium are just a few of the fingerprint-less names to watch out for.