Alternatives To Granite Countertops

Today Sally writes:

Dear Diva, I really want a solid surface countertop but I hate granite. I want something more unique in my kitchen, something that I won’t find in my friends houses.  What are the alternatives to granite countertops? Please help!

Granite has definitely become the standard that all kitchens strive for.  So I do understand wanting something a little different, especially if your friends have granite in their homes. Regionally some colors are more popular than others. Which means you may see the same color in more than one friends home.  In this article I will highlight three unique solid surface countertops as an alternative to granite.

Alternatives To Granite Countertops

#1 If you’ve got extra money to put into your countertops, consider Caesarstone Concetto.  Concetto is available in eight colors with eleven more available to special order. Concetto is handmade and consists of semi-precious stones.  Each slab is unique and stain, scratch and heat-resistant.  Because Concetto is a luxury countertop surface and made of semi-precious stones, expect to pay around $400 per square foot.

#2 Why not go green?  Consider a recycled material solid surface countertop.  Companies like Vetrazzo offer a beautiful countertop with the benefit of being eco friendly.  Vetrazzo  countertops are made up of recycled glass. In fact, their countertops make up 85% of the solid countertop material.  At $90 – $140 a square foot, it’s comparable to granite in price with the added benefits of being eco friendly and unique.

#3 Consider soapstone countertops.  Soapstone is not for everyone, it does require more maintenance than granite or engineered stone.  You will need to reapply an oil mineral to bring back the dark rich color.  Soapstone is also softer than granite and will scratch or dent.  For people who love soapstone though, these marks only enhance the beauty.  As well as the patina the soapstone gets with age.  Soapstone countertops start out gray and start looking more black or dark green with time.  If you are interested in soapstone you should look at a countertop that has been in use for a few years before making your final decision.  Soapstone countertops are also similar to granite in price ranging from $70-$100 a square foot.

These are just three of the many options out there for slab countertops.  Depending on what look you are going for, or whether you want something eco friendly there are many more options available. You simply need to shop around and be willing to ask about the products your considering.

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