Easy To Install Kitchen Backsplash With SimpleMat

When I first saw SimpleMat, I didn’t think it would work all that well. But after seeing SimpleMat in action, I was shocked at how simple to install it really is. SimpleMat from Custom Building Products is the easiest way to tile a backsplash, wall or counter top I’ve ever seen.

It comes in 9″ x 18″ mats that are sticky on both sides. You won’t need any glue, you simply peel off the backing, slap it on the wall, then smooth it out with a grout float and press your tile down. Use the float again to add pressure to the tiles, then grout it.


You won’t have to wait for the glue to dry, just grout as soon as your ready. No more waiting 24 hours for the adhesive to dry before grouting. This two day kitchen backsplash project can now be done in an afternoon thanks to SimpleMat. If however, you don’t want to do it all at once or don’t the have time, just do it in sections as time allows. Many people out there could pound out this Backsplash  idea in a couple of hours if they were really motivated. Its quite versatile, as you can see from the video below.

For a self proclaimed Home Makeover Diva such as myself, I think that SimpleMat backsplashes are the best thing since sliced bread! Finally I can tile with out making a mess during the process! Best of all,  I don’t have to worry about mixing my tile adhesive or taping everything off to avoid getting glue everywhere! And last but not least, I can tile over an existing surface, too!

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Disclaimer: Remember to read the INSTRUCTIONS on any product before beginning your project. While this new product is revolutionary, it won’t be the solution to every problem. You may need more prep work depending on the condition of your wall or counter top.