Vinyl Tile As A Backsplash

In a previous article, I touched a bit on the value of considering backsplash ideas that can be done start to finish in under an hour. And among those ideas, was vinyl tile as a backsplash. While seeming rather “blah” at first pass, the truth of the matter is that this is both a time saver and a very effective means of giving your kitchen a makeover for much less money than you might spend using other backsplash ideas. Allow me to elaborate a bit with two real world examples where using vinyl tile makes a lot of sense.

Selling your home without spending a fortune

Let’s say for instance you are trying to sell your home. And while upgrading your window treatments can accomplish tremendous things from a first impression perspective, it should also be noted that everyone knows that it is the kitchen that sells the house. With the economy all over the place these days, this translates into you using your available dollars as wisely as possible.


Aspect Peel And Stick Backsplash TilesSome folks might be tempted to take their remodeling budget and spend it on hardwood floors. A great idea for the entire home, but perhaps not the best place to spend money if for the kitchen only. Well, at least not if you are planning to sell the home. No, you need a wow factor that both produces interested buyers for the house in addition to keeping things on budget. This is where sticking to good quality vinyl flooring bundled with vinyl tile as a backsplash can really pay off.

Both of these products can be installed quickly and easily. And did I mention that it will also allow you to stay on budget?

Perfect for the frustrated renter

This article illustrates just how great using vinyl tile as a backsplash can work out if you are renting a home rather than having the good fortune to simply own your home. A couple looking to give their kitchen a badly needed upgrade, head over to the local big box store and ended up with some fantastic vinyl tiles that could be the perfect fit for their new backsplash needs. Even though the couple ended up going with cheaper vinyl tiles from another outlet, the mission remained clear. Stunning, eye catching vinyl tile backsplash will happen no matter what.

Despite the clear vision however, being a renter does present issues due to not wanting to actually stick the vinyl tiles to the wall itself. After all, they are not the owners of the home. Based on what I was reading, it sounds like this person was going to end up working with some sort of extra backing to act as a barrier between the wall.

I am a bit skeptical as to how well this will work due to the fact that something has to attach itself to the wall somehow, but there is no question that if this is the path you are taking, going with a vinyl tile for your backsplash is going to be the best bet.

Keeping installation down to a minimum

Whether you are a home owner or a renter, the success with vinyl tile for your backsplash comes down to its ease of installation. Assuming you are using vinyl tile with an adhesive backing, all that is left is measuring, cutting and installing. There is really not all that much to it.