Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

Today Ruth asks:

Diva, I am lost. I’ve been trying to find some new and exciting mosaic glass tile backsplash design  ideas, but I am really coming up short. I’ve been all over the Internet and nothing really seems to meet the mosaic glass tile criteria that others have described to me. Can you provide me with some mosaic glass tile examples so that I can make sure the ones I am looking at actually mosaic glass tiles? Thanks!

Ruth, I feel your pain. Trying to track down something like mosaic glass tile backsplash design ideas is quite a big job given all of the samples out there to discover. To make matters worse, is that there are more than one category of mosaic glass tiles available for use in a backsplash. Let me help to set you straight by making sure you understand the different glass tiles available and what their patterns will look like.

Glass backsplash tile – This is as general as you can get. Circles, squares, plus a lot of other shapes will fall into this category. Large, small, stained, transparent, just about everything in this category is as different as the next item. It’s all glass tiles. And so long as it states that it is usable for a backsplash, you should be good to go. Most glass backsplash tile is available both with and without mosaic themes.

Roman glass backsplash tile – Again, there is a lot of variety here. Common traits generally includes squares, triangles or solid prints. Plenty of faded browns and tans. Occasionally some colors such as cream, mint green or something more rustic in one of these color schemes is available. The biggest common theme is the rustic appearance. Generally, mosaic themes are less common here. When they are present, they are much less pronounced visually.

Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

Perl glass backsplash tile – From the color standpoint, you are often looking at white or gray. Sometimes, you may find some browns or black color choices available. But the collective nature of pearl glass in a tile is the reflective look to each tile. Like the roman glass above, the pearl glass is generally only available in a subtle mosaic pattern. Just something to consider if you are looking at that pretty pearl finish.

Now after everything above, you are still wanting something with a stark, heavy mosaic quality, I would suggest looking at the standard glass backplash tile, even better – think stone and metal blacksplash tiles. Often times you will find better mosaic patterns when pulling from these tile batches than with roman glass or pearl glass tile.

The most striking option that comes to my mind personally, would be the painted mosaic themes. Bright as you want them to be. And with some creative under the cabinet lighting solutions, you could easily have the kind of backsplash you’ve always dreamed of!

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