Cheap Cellular Shades

Today Kathy writes:

Can you find cheap cellular shades? I saw your article on hunter douglas but I don’t want to spend that much. I’m purchasing them for a vacation home and don’t want to spend that much money on somewhere we only spend a couple of months out of the year. What do you suggest?

Kathy, I don’t blame you for not wanting to spend as much money in your vacation home. If you’re just looking for cheap cellular shades there are many options out there. First of all, you can dramatically reduce the price by purchasing something off the shelf instead of something special ordered. This can be done by shopping online to more locally at home improvement stores. With just a little research I’m sure you’ll find something that is right for your vacation home! Here are a few places you could go to check out prices and available selections.

1) Lowes – Lowes Improvement stores have a couple different styles in stock that are ready to go. Most stores carry at least two brands; Levolor and allen + roth. At the store near my house, they carry Levolor Cellulars that can be cut down to size, happen to be cordless and offer the blackout option. The color is a neutral off white called “sand” and I remember the price being pretty reasonable considering they’re cordless and blackout options included.  The allen + roth cellulars were also cordless but they didn’t offer the blackout option. That said, they did come in a nice tan/brown color that was very reasonably priced at under $50 for a 47″ wide by 58″ high cellular shade.

2) Super Centers – Also check out local super centers. I know that places like Target, Fred Meyer and even Walmart are starting to carry select colors and sizes in stock and online. I was surprised to find that top down/ bottom up cellular shades were available at Target here recently. The color is neutral and the price is $39.99 for a 23″ W x 64″ H shade. Sizes are limited but depending on your window size, you may be able to make it work out.Cheap Cellular Shades

3) On the Web – Don’t forget to look online. There are a ton of virtual storefronts offering cheap cellular shades. Just grab a list of your sizes and start your search from there. If you know what size you are looking for, it’s easier to compare prices from site to site. There are places like Blinds Galore which is a great site that has a lot of choices. Perhaps instead you can look at discount sites and department stores such as JCPenny or Sears. You’ll find a plethora of choices once you start searching.

No matter where you look, whether it be locally or online, I’m confident you’ll be able to find some cheap cellular shades that fit the bill for your vacation home. Just grab your window sizes and start searching!

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