Adjustable Window Treatments For Arched Windows

Today Tammy writes:

Dear Diva, I’m trying to find some window treatments for arched windows that are adjustable, but all I can find are fixed ones. Do they make adjustable window treatments for arched windows so you can see out? Thanks!

Tammy, yes they do. But you aren’t going to find them from the three major window treatment manufacturers. The closest you’ll find from them are aluminium blinds that can be tilted open or closed. To the get the full view you’ll need to look elsewhere at specialty services.  Below I’ve provided two such options for different types of window treatments for arched windows that actually open or close fully.

1) Soft Arches – I found a company who makes a product called Soft Arches Moveable Arches by Omega.  From across the room the Soft Arches look similar to an arched cellular shade when installed. But they are in fact more like drapery than a window shade.  You select the fabric from Omega’s list or you can even send in your own fabric if it meets their specifications and they will custom design a Soft Arches shade for your arched window. The best part about this shade, is that it can be opened or closed completely.  Soft Arches operate by two motors and are remote control operated.  There is one motor on each side of the half circle. This means that you don’t have to have the window treatment opened or closed completely. This feature is great if you are only trying to block glare and keep a partial view out the window.  This style would be great in a formal more traditional room especially when paired with the optional valances.

Adjustable Window Treatments For Arched Windows

2) Original Moon Shade Blind – If your room is a little more contemporary, consider checking out the Original Moon Shade Blind by Macadam Blinds.  This option is not available in as many color choices however. In fact it only comes in one color: Crown White.  This style reminds me more of a shutters or wood blinds.  However there is no tilting open or closed here, the blind opens completely to let the light in.  You can operate it by either remote control or with a cord.  The Original Moon Shade Blind is light blocking so they are perfect in bedrooms, media rooms and children’s rooms. Even despite the limited color choice, the Original Moon Shade Blind could be versatile enough to match any decor.

3) Installation – Okay, so there are two examples of window treatments for arched windows I found that can open or close all the way.  I liked each of them because they both had remote controls, which makes them ideal for arched windows.  If you were looking for something from one of the big three blind manufacturers instead, your choices are limited to immovable cellular shades or aluminum blinds that can only be tilted open or closed.  When deciding which is best for you, take into account how much light you want to let in, as well as how much your budget can afford.  I would also recommend hiring someone to do the installation for you, as arch window treatments can be tricky to install.

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